Personal Best have a diabetes exercise and nutrition programme for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics in West Lothian.  The class is funded by the West Lothian Diabetes Group, who are associated with Diabetes UK. The classes are led by a personal trainer who is qualified and experienced in working with diabetics. As the class is funded they are entirely free to attend.

To join our exercise programme you need to get in touch with us and organise a 1-1 consultation.  This gives us a chance to show you around the gym and to chat about your current lifestyle, medical history and what you want to achieve.  We can then do a little bit of exercise together to show you what it will be like in the group environment.

Our gym facility is in Armadale.  The facility is a private personal training studio and not open to the public out with appointments.  This creates a comfortable and supportive environment where even those who are a little self-conscious can feel confident to exercise and achieve their goals.

The exercise class is:

Saturday – 9am – 9.45am

We also have a nutrition group, specifically for diabetics.  Again, this is funded by the West Lothian diabetes group and as such, is free to attend.  However, all new attendees must contact us before coming along as there is a maximum number for the class.  The class is lead by dietician, Edyta Smith. She will discuss styles of eating, recipes, nutrition strategies and set weekly goals to work towards.  She will also do measurements to gauge success. Our nutrition class is based in Armadale.

The nutrition class timetable is:

Monday – 6pm – 6.45pm 


To find out more please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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