1. Safetyhub gym induction must be undertaken prior to use of the gym facilities or attendance at fitness classes. A Disclaimer and Health Declaration must be completed and sent to gym management before the first use of the gym or participation in any classes.   Use of the gym is at users own risk.
  2. The gym facility and classes are available for use by O&P and FPS staff only.
  3. Security passes must be used to access the gym by everyone, every time it is used. Do not allow anyone to tail gate into the facility.   Your card will be updated to allow gym access following completion of Safetyhub training.
  4. All classes/use of gym must be booked using the booking system on the intranet. Never train alone unless someone knows you are there.   Out of hours (i.e. before 0600 and after 1900 weekdays and at all times at the weekend) Fire and Security must be informed by calling 6575.
  5. Appropriate clothing and shoes with non marking sports shoes must be worn whilst using the gym.
  6. No liquids, other than water, are allowed in the gym area. All spillages must be cleaned up immediately to avoid injury.
  7. All equipment must be returned to where it belongs. All weights must be returned to their rack and extra components removed and stored properly.
  8. All users must take time to warm up, stretch, cool down and stay hydrated whilst using the facilities.
  9. Users should be aware of moving parts and equipment and keep area clear.
  10. Equipment must be wiped down following use. Wipes/towels are provided throughout the facility.   It is recommended a small towel for personal use is used whilst in the gym.
  11. Phone calls or other methods of communication are banned in the gym area. No photographs should be taken in the gym without prior permission of Board member or Building Manager.
  12. Small lockers are available for use in the Ladies and Gents changing rooms. Keys are in the lock and should be returned at the end of your session.   Hooks are available for clothing during use of the gym.  Items may not be stored there during the day or overnight.   No bags, or other items, should be left on benches other than when using the gym. No bags are to be taken into the gym area.  INEOS is not responsible for any loss of items left in lockers.
  13. Showers are available for use in the Ladies and Gents changing rooms. Shower gel and soap will be provided.   All toiletries and other items must be removed, otherwise they will be removed at the end of the day.   No storage is available for such items.   No personal grooming, i.e. shaving, to take place within shower/changing room areas.
  14. All breakages, wear or damage to equipment or facilties must be reported via Footprints to the Building Manager.
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