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At Personal Best we want to help you to become the best version of yourself, your personal best. With our free SGPT session you will see exactly why we guarantee our members that in just 28 days you will:

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About the sgpt trial

Our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) model is perfect for all ages, abilities and health and fitness goals. SGPT is increasing in popularity because you get all the benefits of working with a highly qualified personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost. More sessions for your money and the support that is essential to achieve.

The trial is a great opportunity to experience what these SGPT sessions are like and find out how they `benefit you.

 We limit the numbers to no more than 6 members in each session creating the ideal training environment. Limiting the number means we can focus on YOU.  We will  push and support you, so every time you leave the gym you feel a sense of achievement and are looking forward to coming back for the next session.

Small Group Personal Training has been found to be more effective when compared to training one-to-one with a PT and the benefits include:

  • Motivation – Working out with like-minded people in a group gives you an energy boost and motivates you to do that little bit more and challenge yourself. 
  • Accountability – Being in a group gives you a little bit more accountability to show up, work hard and get the results you want.
  • Personal Attention – Every session is coached.  You are never left to your own devices and we make sure the focus is on you and your journey.
  • Support/Advice – We listen to you.  And when we understand what you need and what holds you back, then we can help you to move forwards and achieve your goals.
  • Sustainable change –  Enjoyment, feeling good and believing in yourself is the key to sustainable change.  This is our goal and the pillars of our communities success.
In our SGPT membership your trainer or dietician will contact you every week. We will measure your success and look at your training and nutrition so we can give you the right advice to get the best out of the following week. We are there to celebrate all your wins and also there to lift and motivate you when life gets challenging.

How to find us

The gym address is:

Personal Best Gym
Old Sports Pavillion Watson Park
Armadale EH48 2FZ

However, the postcode isn’t accurate. Instead, come to 24 McNeil Crescent, Armadale, EH48 2NH. At this address you will see a blue sign on the lamppost that says “Watson Park”. Follow this sign and the gym is around 50 meters away on your left.

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