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Scotland Gym of the Year Finalist 2022

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In 28 days or less

At Personal Best we want to help you to become the best version of yourself, your personal best. That’s why with our 1 month trial membership we guarantee that in just 28 days you will:

Our Titles

Scotland's Gym of the Year Finalist 2022 at the National Fitness awards

Youth Buiness Trust

Youth Business Trust and West Lothian Chambers of Commerce Awards

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

Your transformation specialist

Mikey is your body transformation specialist. With 22 years experience in the fitness industry Mikey has become a renowned specialist in cutting body fat and achieving sustainable lifestyle changes for a whole host of clients. Mikey has achieved life saving and transformational fat loss results with diabetics, cancer survivors, and many obese/ over weight members who needed a kickstart to believe in themselves and achieve remarkable results.

For some the weight loss was to be eligible for life saving surgery and for others it was to feel comfortable in their bodies and live life on their terms and with confidence. At the other end of the spectrum Mikey has advised Olympians on maximum performance, cutting weight for competition, and developed a leading education centre with courses where he educates fitness professionals on the best way to create sustainable lifestyle change for their clients.

Regardless of your starting position Mikey is experienced and knowledgeable in taking you to the next level of your fitness journey.

“I am committed to helping people be true to themselves and their own personalities. To have the confidence to be quirky, to want to be in photographs, to feel good in their going out clothes and to feel welcome and at home stepping into our gym. We want to take the shackles off and help people feel that freedom to live with confidence and sustain it forever. That’s why I meet our new members at the door and we take the first step or the fitness journey together so they know I have their back 110%”.

Now with Weekly dietician check ins

You will receive regular check ins with our dietician, Edyta Smith.

What's Included?

As soon as you sign-up you will receive a highly personalised service which is tailored specifically to you and your health and fitness goals. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will give you support every step of the way. 

The small group personal training and unlimited classes gym membership offer includes:

1-to-1 induction

You will be linked with an expert trainer who will take you through a consultation, this will include: 

  • Providing you with a personalised workout plan.
  • Setting exercise and nutrition goals. 
  • Body composition analysis. 
  • Movement analysis. 
  • Technical advice on using our tracking apps.
  • Tour of our facilities including our Covid-19 procedures.
  • PB welcome pack (free t-shirt, snood and water bottle). 

Small Group Personal Training

We limit the numbers in our small group personal training sessions to ensure we are able to provided high quality training for each individual. 

There will never be more than 6 people in each SGPT session.

Limiting the number means we can focus on improving your technique, motivate you to work to your full potential and create a supportive environment where you can thrive in your training.

Unlimited Exercise Classes

You will have full access to all of our fitness classes, totally unlimited. Our classes include:

  • BoxFit 
  • Legs, Bums and Tums (LBT)
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • HIIT/ Core
  • Zone Pump
  • Functional Conditioning
  • Bootcamp
  • Pilates
  • Spin/HIIT

Nutritional Advice

At Personal Best we understand the importance of nutrition in achieving your goal.  This is why we give all members a weekly check-in with our dietician or health and fitness director.

By giving you regular support and advice we aim to create a healthy and sustainable nutrition plan which is unique to you and gets results.


INDOOR and Outdoor Sessions

We run a hybrid model which includes indoor and outdoor options.  

With our outdoor 3G training area we can get all the benefits of training outdoors, feeling great and revitalised.

Indoor we have our state of the art gym which is designed to get the absolute best out of your time in the gym.

We have options for everyone come rain or shine so you have choice, diversity and all the opportunity to succeed in your goals.

Personal Best Community

You will also get access to our members only Facebook group. At Personal Best we have created a community of like-minded people who love to support and encourage one another whether that is in small group personal training, exercise classes, events or online.

It’s the most incredible thing when you connect with someone who is at the same life stage as you and wants the same things. Who get’s your struggles, whilst helping you celebrate you achievements.  Every phase of your life you have school mates, work mates, university/ college mates, parent mates etc.  They help you through the worst and best moments.  It’s time to meet your fitness mates.

Trust Pilot Reviews

We are rated excellent on trust pilot. Read some of our amazing feedback from our valued customers. 

FItness Classes

Our SGPT membership comes with unlimited access to all of our fitness classes. Having an indoor and outdoor facility enables us to run a hybrid membership model where we can enjoy indoor SGPT and outdoor classes.  The best of both worlds at our purpose built facility.


Legs, Bums & Tums



Fucntional conditioning




SGPT Trial

Our trial membership includes:


Join The PB TRIBE!

In Just 28 days you will:

Find us

The gym address is:

Personal Best Gym
Old Sports Pavillion Watson Park
Armadale EH48 2FZ

However, the postcode isn’t accurate. Instead, come to 24 McNeil Crescent, Armadale, EH48 2NH. At this address you will see a blue sign on the lamppost that says “Watson Park”. Follow this sign and the gym is around 50 meters away on your left.

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