At Personal Best we can do postural assessments for our clients.  A postural assessment involves one of our personal trainers, or sports massage therapists, analysing your posture front, back and side on.  From the assessment we can identify any postural imbalances.

There are several different imbalances that can significantly contribute to pain and increase the risk of injury.  Posture can also have a massive impact on your physique and how you look.

Some examples include:

Lordosis – This is when your hips tilt forwards.  It results in a big curve in your lower back. This curve is replicated on the front of your body to stick your abdomen/ tummy area out.  The result is a protruding tummy which can look like increased body fat. This type of posture can lead to significant back pain and pressure.  It can also lead to the abdomen looking much bigger than it actually is.

Kyphosis – Kyphosis is when we lean forwards and round our shoulders.  A curve in our upper back begins to appear. It is very common in those with desk jobs and can lead to back/ neck pain.  In terms of physique the rounded shoulders bring your chest in and downwards, which promotes a sagging effect. Working on adjusting this posture will elevate the chest and reduce the curve in the upper back.  

For a postural assessment, or to learn more about how your posture impacts your risk of injury, physique and exercise performance, then contact us at Personal Best, to speak to a highly qualified and professional personal trainer.  We can also offer personal training sessions to teach you how to improve your posture.

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